Exotic animal husbandry is hard.


Exotic animal husbandry is hard. Between bad information, equipment failure and a lack of data for diagnosis, it is possible to avoidably harm or even kill an animal you care for. Reptilive is an learning-enhanced Environment Management System which addresses these issues by storing and analysing history data in the cloud, feeding it back to owners and trusted experts.

Created with a friend, the Reptilive hardware is compact enough to secrete in the enclosure without being an eyesore and easy to move between species: simply tell it what you are caring for and review its recommended parameters. We are continuing to prototype in our free time. We currently have several enclosures managing vulnerable animals with these prototypes and now we are developing the product to be suitable for wider commercial distribution. I have designed the hardware and worked on the Ux both in-device and in-cloud. We can’t wait to get this out there so that more people can experience the benefits we have seen!

If you are interested in learning more about the product please do get in contact, we are on the hunt for someone who has the expertise to manage or assist in taking this to market.

You can learn more in my R&D Case Study