What can I do for you?

We all have limits to our potential and most of them are artificial. Gender, Geography, Neurological makeup and more can stand in our way as we learn and operate. This is the space I work in, researching, designing and developing on the borderline of the social and the technical to help people function at their best. My doctoral research was about how we can work to design better for adult learners in multidisciplinary teams. My design work is focusses on how people and businesses can benefit. For instance, Reptilive helps novice reptile keepers preempt and address husbandry issues. Confer brings people together separated by geography to work together more effectively. Reciprocal Equilibria theory, developed for my PhD, has explanatory power over groups of learners as social entities.

Maybe you are struggling to scale because you can’t bring people into the organisation fast enough? Then I can work on your learning architecture to take the pressure off your recruitment team.

Maybe you have a platform which users aren’t interacting with as you would expect? Then I can shed light on those issues to help your users not just to interact, but to learn from their experience.

Maybe you have a tool which you think could improve experience and you need someone to draw on a multidisciplinary team to develop and promote it? I can product manage in a highly technical environment while keeping focus on making the tool accessible to all who could benefit from its use.

Maybe you just fancy a coffee? We can do that too, I love learning about things others are doing in this space, or discussing my reptiles, so by all means hit me up.